Monday, November 2, 2009

Southern Shores Canal Dredge Project

The best news is that we had a successful bid opening on Tuesday, Oct. 27. The bidder was a local company, Sampson Contracting, Inc. The bid amount was just about $1.7 million, which is under the amount budgeted, but more than was anticipated when we applied for the matching grant. The contract proposal will be presented to the Town Council on Nov. 4th for their approval.

To accomplish the work required for this project, Sampson Contracting will team up with Piedroba Dredging, a Florida company with experience using the hydrocyclone technology.

We still have a few obstacles to overcome, all of which have been addressed in earlier updates. They include a final approval of our Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Relocation Plan, and the acceptance of the hydrocyclone for dewatering the spoil material. We are hopeful that the regulatory authorities will expedite their approval.

Finally, the question arose, once again, about the boats in slips and whether or not they should be removed. As indicated in last week’s update, you would be well-advised to remove them from the water, or relocate them temporarily to another location, not part of the phase one dredge.

Also, the most recent thinking is, that for public safety reasons, the east side of the North Marina will be closed to visitor and ramp traffic during the dredge period.

As always, your questions and thoughts are welcome. You can reach me at 252 619-5996 or

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