Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dare County

The Dare Board of Commissioners approved amendments to the Dare County Subdivision Ordinance and Zoning Ordinance regarding the construction of new streets. In newly platted, single-family residential-use subdivisions of six lots or less, streets will now need a minimum 30 ft. wide right-of-way with 18 ft. wide paved improvements internal to the right-of-way. Habitable structures that are built in a minor subdivision are now limited to four bedrooms (as defined by the Dare County Environmental Health Department.) The new standards do not apply to a previously recorded plat.
Dare County Manager Terry Wheeler has announced his plans for retirement effective June 30, 2009. He has served the county for over 32 years; the past 17 as County Manager. As noted on the County’s website, “Wheeler found ways to improve services for residents while the county grew to become a world class vacation spot with the summer population swelling to over 300,000 people for which services also needed to be provided. The influx of visitors sparked a robust economy that has produced a source of revenue that has kept taxes from rising too quickly. With the population soaring, Wheeler oversaw the creation of ways to better serve the residents and visitors, particularly in the areas of Emergency Medical Services, Public Works and Water production. Wheeler has also placed an emphasis on children by supporting the expansion of Parks and Recreation facilities throughout the county. “
The Outer Banks Association of Realtors and The Outer Banks Home Builders Association wish to thank Terry Wheeler for his support over the years and his dedicated service to Dare County!

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