Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nags Head - Bed & Breakfast, Fireworks, Signage, Beach Nourishment Fund

Jan. 9 - The Board of Commissioners had a lengthy agenda for their first meeting of the month. They took action on the following:
o Banned ALL fireworks in the Town so there would be no confusion among residents and guests as to what were legal and illegal fireworks. The NC statute states that all fireworks that leave the ground or explode are illegal. A citation for using fireworks in the Town brings with it a mandatory court appearance, court costs and a possible fine up to $500. This ordinance went into effect the day of the meeting – January 9, 2008.
o Approved a zoning ordinance text amendment to list the new use of “Bed and Breakfast” as a permitted use within the C-2 District and amend all other pertinent sections of the zoning ordinance; and
o Motion failed to pass on the approval of a zoning ordinance text amendment to add a requirement prohibiting the acceptance of zoning ordinance amendment applications that have previously been denied by the Board of Commissioners for a period of one year.
o Approved by 4-1 vote on the second reading of a zoning text amendment to require that signage be included in commercial site plan applications.
o With many people expressing an interest in a self-funded/partially self-funded beach nourishment plan, the Board approved the establishment of a Beach Nourishment Fund. The fund will allow people to make donations to the Town earmarked for beach nourishment. The Town would continue to pursue permits for beach nourishment. If after six years, the permits were not issued then the monies would be returned. The Finance Department would keep tract of donors and monitor the fund; no interest would be accrued on donations.

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