Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mandatory Sprinklers Discussed

Dec. 11 – Firefighters, fire chiefs and fire marshals from across the state attended the NC Building Code Council meeting this week to support a petition that would make it mandatory for sprinkler systems to be installed in new homes greater than 3,600 square feet or taller than two stories. The urgent push for sprinkler systems in large residences is a reaction to the fatal fire in Ocean Isle, NC that claimed the lives of seven college students. The large resort home had smoke alarms but did not have a sprinkler system. There has been much debate since then as to whether or not a sprinkler system would have saved the students’ lives. Although the Building Code Council rejected the petition, Chairman Dan Tingen referred the issue to the council’s residential committee for further review.
This issue is far from over. A summary of why sprinkler systems should not be mandated was included as an attachment to your legislative briefing dated 11-16-07. If you would like it forwarded again, please contact me at the above email address

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