Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Duck - New Council Members

Town Council members welcomed Dave Wessel as a new Council member this week and gave special recognition to retiring member Denver Lindley. Denver was instrumental in the development of the Town’s Land Use Plan. On a professional note – Denver, it has been a pleasure working with you – I’ll miss you at the meetings! Congrats to Neil Morrison who was re-elected Mayor and to Monica Thibodeau for being re-elected Mayor Pro Tem.
The new Council unanimously approved a zoning ordinance amendment that prohibits pump and haul wastewater systems except under certain emergency circumstances, similar to the ordinance passed by Nags Head.
The Council also unanimously approved a zoning ordinance amendment that gives staff more flexibility in requiring as-built surveys. Currently, an as-built survey dated within 9 months is required for all building and land disturbance permits. Given the size and scope of a project, an as-built survey could cost more money and involve more time than the project itself. Staff developed a matrix as to what would necessitate the submission of a survey. Council members agreed that this approach was much more user-friendly. Good news for us!
Town Manager Chris Layton updated Council on NC 12/Tuckahoe Stormwater Improvements. The project was anticipated to be complete by late spring 2008. It now looks as though the project to raise the road 2 inches and install a stormwater runoff infiltration system at the NC 12/Tuckahoe intersection will not even be started until next fall.

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