Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Duck As-built surveys

Last week, Town Council members considered scheduling a public hearing on an ordinance that would remove the requirement for as-built surveys within 9 months of an application for building or land disturbance permits. Town Council decided more information was needed and the item was sent back to the Planning Board.
Members of the Planning Board this week decided that staff needed to do some more work on a “matrix” that would outline exactly when a survey would be necessary.

Community Development Director Andy Garman also presented Planning Board members with information on the newly adopted Tree and Vegetation Preservation and Planting Ordinance. He stated that the ordinance seems to be working well; the public is now thinking about vegetation on their property and understanding the importance of preserving native vegetation. He did state that an issue has come up with oceanfront properties, whereas the ordinance does not give credit to grasses in the 15% coverage calculation requirement. The ordinance requires oceanfront homeowners to plant trees or shrubs that are not as well adapted to the ocean dune environment as some of the plants currently growing on the property. Board members agreed that grasses need to be added to the approved list of vegetation and directed staff to come up with a formula for coverage credit.

There was lengthy discussion on sign ordinance regulation discrepancies and violations. One main concern that staff brought forward is that “building frontage” is not clearly defined. Owners of Scarborough Faire raised many concerns about the ordinance including how wall area is measured to determine sign size allocations. Staff was directed to review the sign ordinance and make recommendations from Board suggestions at a subsequent meeting.

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