Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dare County Emegency Management

Emergency Management Director Sandy Sanderson and the Director of the Coastal Studies Institute, Dr. Nancy White, gave a presentation on the feasibility and opportunity for Emergency Management and 911 Communications to co-locate with the new Coastal Studies Institute at their site near the Manteo Airport. Mr. Sanderson spoke about the need for a new Emergency Operations Center and how the costs would be much less if Emergency Management only needed to pay for the construction of the facility and not the infrastructure costs associated with the development because CSI would have already covered those costs. He proposed a 2-story, 10,000 sq. ft. facility detached from the CSI building, constructed to 130 mph wind standards; the cost would be approximately $3 million to build. Dr. White expressed that this is “an amazing and nationally unique opportunity for CSI”. In an era of global warming and homeland security issues, CSI facility researchers could work closely with the Emergency Management group. The BOC said they will consider the proposal and discuss it at their Capital Improvement Projects meeting and add it for discussion to their November 19th meeting agenda.

The Board did not reach a decision on building height and gross floor area for structures in unzoned areas of Dare County. They referred back to the Planning Board language that would allow buildings up to 45 ft. in height and a maximum of 20,000 square feet. Hotels, motels, County owned facilities, and other government facilities would be exempt from the gross floor area limitations. A motion was made by Richard Johnson to move forward with language that limited height to 35 feet but that motion failed with Commissioner Shea casting the only other favorable vote.

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