Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nags Head Septic Changes

Aug. 1 - The Board of Commissioners adopted an ordinance imposing a one-month moratorium on the location and use of pump and haul wastewater systems within the Town. Pump and haul systems rely on a tank to hold wastewater until pumped and disposed of off-site in an approved treatment system. There are eleven residential properties that are currently considering these systems. The Town is concerned about the effects of erosion on the exposed tanks and the potential negative impact to water quality. The moratorium gives the Town the time to review ordinances to determine an amendment to the code to prevent the impact of pump and haul systems and to process any land use ordinance amendments necessary.
Commissioner Gray received support this time around from fellow Commissioners to send a proposal to the Planning Board regarding architectural requirements for houses on the west side of US 158. The new proposal would exempt detached single-family dwellings and two-family dwellings with five bedrooms on the west side of US 158 from the residential design standards. Although a couple of Commissioners still did not agree with the proposal, the motion passed to have the Planning Board review the proposal and report back with recommendation.
A few other items were discussed during the meeting:
o Spear gun fishing – the Town had received complaints about people fishing with spear guns near the Nags Head Pier. Town Attorney Ike McRee told Commissioners that they could not regulate “boat” fishing, but did have the authority to regulate swimming. Commissioner could include a ban on the use of spear guns by swimmers in their swimming regulations.
o Scavenging at the Town’s dump site – hopefully, this is not a sign of the times but there has been enough activity to warrant a policy statement from the Board of Commissioners. Due to liability issues, the town does not permit “scavenging” at their dump site. Once an individual leaves an item at the site or places an item in a container, it cannot be removed by another individual.
o Parking at Sugar Creek Restaurant – The Board agreed to have “No Parking” signs posted in the right-of-way at US 158 /US 64/264 at Sugar Creek Restaurant. Cars have been parked along the highway thus creating a potential safety hazard for pedestrians and motorists.
o In other restaurant news, it was noted that Basnight’s Lone Cedar Restaurant is on track to be open by the end of the month.

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