Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Duck Parking and Pear Pod Repair Areas

Aug. 1 - The Town Council scheduled public hearings for September 5th on two zoning ordinance amendments:

Residential parking and drive aisle standards – This amendment would allow stacking of required parking spaces outside the 12 foot drive aisle; driveway curb cuts would be limited to 20 feet in width at the right-of-way; drive aisles and parking could be no more than 75 % of lot width; and parking spaces could only be constructed of gravel, porous pavers, or other similar semi-permeable materials, unless there is a topographical issue.

Peat pod repair areas – This amendment would remove peat pod repair areas from lot coverage calculations.

Shelia Davies, Substance Abuse Project Manager for Dare County Health Department, gave Town Council members an overview of the Dare County Substance Abuse Pilot Program. Shelia reported on some alarming drug and alcohol statistics from 2005. She stressed that although perceived somewhat as a tourist-related problem, over 60% of the arrests due to drugs and alcohol were Dare County residents. She added that the issue is community-wide with 40% of fatal car accidents attributed to drug/alcohol use and 33% of drowning deaths due to the same. These statistics are much higher that state averages. She reported that the County’s program is focusing on public education/prevention information, a 24-hour, hotline service, school based counseling and a detox center within the County.

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