Friday, May 18, 2007

Nags Head To Ban Fireworks?

Nags Head

May 16 - The Board of Commissioners decided not to adopt an ordinance that would ban all fireworks in the town. Timing was cited as a reason to postpone adopting the ordinance. Since the tourist season is already underway, rental companies would not have ample opportunity to inform their guests of the ban. Enforcement of the ban and what is already illegal was also discussed at length. Under NC general statute, fireworks that leave the ground or explode (“go boom”) are illegal. Commissioner Doug Remaley stated, “The law is on the books; whether or not law enforcement enforces is another issue.” The Board will review the issue again in the fall after the effectiveness of a summer educational campaign about illegal fireworks is evaluated.
A zoning amendment that would have allowed 6-foot fences to be constructed from all around a house did not pass on a second reading this week. A public hearing was held on May 2nd and the motion to adopt passed 3 to 1; however, the motion needed a 4/5 majority vote to pass. During discussion at the second reading, Commissioner Gray was concerned that the issue was being addressed due to a builder being cited for non-compliance of the current zoning regulation on walls and fences. Mayor Cahoon changed her vote from the first reading and voted with Commissioners Sadler and Gray to defeat the motion.
The Board approved a site plan for Lone Cedar Restaurant with several conditions. Lot coverage was questioned since it is over what is currently allowed. The Board was informed that the proposed lot coverage is at 60.3% which is less that the 65% lot coverage of the facility before it was destroyed by fire. Given the situation, the lot coverage is grandfathered since the degree of non-conformity (lot coverage) will be reduced. When the site was originally developed years ago, lot coverage was over 80%. Although there will be a 2,500 sq. ft reduction in lot coverage, the customer service area will increase by about 500 sq. ft. An additional 5 parking spaces was shown on the plans and the planning board informed the Commissioners that the proposed turf-stone surface material for those spaces would have to be changed for approval. CAMA permits have been applied for and should be issued within a week. A 2002 approval for stormwater is still in effect and drainage has been approved.

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