Friday, May 18, 2007

KDH Zoning/Planning Issues

The Board discussed several zoning/planning issues at a retreat this week that included: how to address non-conformities; stormwater; fill; outdoor display of merchandise; cell towers; ditch maintenance; beach driving; work-force housing, and more. The Board looked at all aspects of the zoning ordinance with regards to non-conformities such as landscaping, lot coverage, lighting, use, etc. The planning staff proposed a point system to be utilized whenever a permit is applied for to encourage property owners to bring non-conformities of a lot up to current zoning standards. Commissioners will be prioritizing which aspects of the zoning ordinance they feel are most important for non-conforming properties to come into compliance with. This exercise will guide the planning staff in developing a “compliance” point system. Commissioner Paul Buske and Planning Director Greg Loy will be working together to address the issue of fill. Outdoor display of merchandise was reviewed also during the retreat; this and other issues mentioned above will likely be discussed at the Board’s forum with business leaders on May 23rd at 6 pm at the Town Hall. Let your voice be heard - call the Town at 252-449-5300 to RSVP.

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