Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pool and Spa Regulations Discussed - Outer Banks

Officers of the newly organized NC Pool and Spa Operators Association met this week with Dare County officials and took a proactive step to ensure the health and safety of those using residential pools and spas. The group’s objectives are: to improve communication between vendors in the pool/spa industry; promote and provide training opportunities for operators; promote uniformity of operators; promote the use of pool and spa safety devices; and, contribute to the governing body in the development of practical and enforceable regulations. The group met to follow-up on a request by Dare County Commissioners and the Dare County Health Department that legislation be enacted to require standardized maintenance protocols and professional licensing for pool/spa operators. Shortcomings of the self-policing industry were discussed that included the unfortunate death of an Outer Banks visitor caused by legionella bacteria transmitted from a hot tub in a vacation rental home. Dare officials and the association officers will be meeting again in January to discuss and review possible standards for the industry.

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