Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Currituck Unified Development Ordinance

In addition to the selection of a Chair and Vice Chair at their meeting this evening, the Currituck Board of Commissioners will be holding a public hearing on reformatting and readopting Unified Development Ordinance. The hearing is the culmination of work done by a consulting firm over the past year and a half to “clean up” the UDO and make it more user-friendly. In addition to eliminating redundancies and contradictions in the document, the reformatted edition includes diagrams to further assist users in understanding certain ordinances.
Other public hearings tonight include:
o Amended sketch plan for 146 lots and 5.67 acres of commercial, and a 4 acre library site adjacent to Eagle Creek subdivision.
o Amended sketch plan/special use permit to designate the use of a commercial parcel for a grocery store and increase the commercial allocation for the site in section III of Monteray Shores – Corolla Shores.

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