Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Currituck County UDO and Elections

The Currituck Board of Commissioners re-elected Barry Nelms as Chairman and Gene Gregory as Vice Chairman for the coming year. The Board unanimously approved the “new and improved” user-friendly Unified Development Ordinance. The reformatted edition includes tables and diagrams that will make it much easier to understand than the paragraphs and paragraphs of text in the old document. It does not change any policies or regulations in the UDO. Tied to the reformatted UDO, the Commissioners unanimously approved adopting the “digital” zoning layer maintained as part of the Currituck County GIS as the official zoning map. Every county has to have an “official” zoning map it was just a formality to make the digital map the “official layer”. This version can be updated very quickly and efficiently; it is also available on the county’s website and shows where subdivisions, fire hydrants, etc. are located.
The Board unanimously approved an amended sketch plan for the South Ridge PUD in Moyock, adjacent to Eagle Creek. The amended plan adds 25 more lots to the 121 that was previously approved. The PUD will be built out over three years in three phases. The commercial area will be built out based on market demand. Four acres designated for library use was changed to public use.
Also unanimously approved was an amended sketch plan/special use permit for the Corolla Shores section of Monteray Shores in Corolla. The plan designates the use of a commercial parcel for a grocery store.
Prior to the meeting, a worksession was held to discuss a public/private wastewater system in Moyock. Looks like a privately developed system in Moyock may be in the future!

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