Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Currituck Conditional Zoning Districts

Dec. 17 - The Currituck Board of Commissioners approved the establishment of conditional zoning districts during their meeting this week. Conditional zoning districts allow additional regulations and conditions not initially set forth in the zoning ordinance to be added to the district. Districts that could be created include a planned unit development, mixed residential district, mixed commercial district, etc. The site specific conditions are added to the ordinance amendment so that each conditional zoning district is tailored to the project. The additional conditions become part of the zoning district, not a separate permit. In many respects the conditional zoning process achieves the same site-specific project as a conditional use zoning without the technical difficulties of the conditional use process. According to Planning Director Ben Woody, the conditional zoning would allow for some flexibility in allowing that specific parcels, which may otherwise be denied, be rezoned if adhering to specific “conditions”. Other areas in North Carolina using some form of conditional zoning include Charlotte, Greensboro, Wilmington, Burlington, Sanford, Monroe, Davidson, Burke County and Lee County.

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