Wednesday, January 16, 2008

CRC Beach Nourishment

The CRC will be accepting written comments until Dec. 31st on a proposal to allow homes to be rebuilt or developed on oceanfront lots that are adjacent to a nourished beach. The current rules prevent development beyond a certain distance from the first line of vegetation (established prior to nourishment) on a beach that is being nourished with pumped sand. Owners and developers have argued that the rule keeps a large number of vacant lots empty and hundreds of older houses from being replaced. The new rule would allow an exception for towns that regularly nourish their beach and have a 30-year beach nourishment program and a way to pay for it. If approved, there is a catch – structures built under the exception could be no more than 2,000 sq. ft. heated space and no more water ward than existing structures. The CRC could vote on the change at their January meeting.

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