Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nags Head Building Height

The Commissioners voted unanimously to deny a zoning text amendment request to modify the definition of height. The proposed amendment would have allowed total height of structures with the VE zone to be measured from 3 feet above average grade or 3 feet above the base flood elevation, whichever is greater. The public hearing was very lengthy with several comments made from the applicant’s attorney, Bobby Outten, and others in attendance. Town Planner Tim Wilson agreed that there are height measurement issues - not with the 42’ total limit - but with what came be done to the interior and the top plate measurement requirement. The Board directed Planning staff to come back to them in December with alternative language to the zoning ordinance dealing with height that would allow the top plate to be measured from the first finished floor and be no more than 28 ft while complying with an 8/12 roof pitch and only having up to 3 habitable floors. The issue will then go to the Planning Board and from there it will go back to the Board of Commissioners to schedule another public hearing.

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