Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Duck Amendments To Zoning Ordinance

Defining “free and clear of obstruction” in structures in a V-zone: this in now described as a distance of two feet measured from the finished grade or average finished grade below the structure to the bottom of the lowest horizontal structural member of the lowest floor. Non-bearing solid breakaway walls, open lattice panels, and insect screening are not considered obstructions that will impede the free flow of floodwaters and may be allowed below the lowest floor of the structure. The two-foot free and clear requirement will not count towards the maximum height requirement of the structure.

Addressing fill on irregular lots and defining the footprint of a dwelling – no more than 3-feet of fill may be added to a lot above the pre-disturbance ground elevation; the building footprint is defined as the plan view of the heated area of the dwelling unit. Pre-disturbance elevations will be taken at the four corners of the building footprint; if the footprint is irregular and has more than four sides, pre-disturbance elevations shall be taken using the four building corners closest to the four corners of the smallest square or rectangle that could be drawn to encompass the footprint. When fill/grading is not necessary to raise a house to base flood elevation, a maximum of 3 feet of rise in ground elevation from the lowest pre-disturbance ground elevation beneath the house as a leveling factor. Any amount above three feet that is not necessary to raise a dwelling to base flood elevation shall be counted toward the height of the dwelling.

Defining height as the distance from the tallest roofline of a building to the top of the slab at the approximate center of the structure or to the finished grade where no slab is present. More information on height and other zoning text amendment changes can be found at www.townofduck.com.

The Town of Duck Planning Board gave full support this month to removing the 9-month as-built survey requirement and agreed to leave it open to staff as to the need for an as-built survey. This is great news for property owners just wanting to do small improvements to their homes such as replacing treads on exterior steps, etc; they now may be able to save the $600+ survey cost. Town Council will be reviewing this amendment at a future meeting. The Planning Board also decided to put fence regulations that were under consideration on the back burner.

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