Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Corolla Sign Ordinance

Apparently, there have been some violations of the Currituck Outer Banks Overlay District Sign Ordinance. Please remember the following when placing signs in the Corolla area:

There is only one “For Sale” sign allowed per property and it may not be on state or public land.
“For Rent” signs may only be placed on the exterior wall of the unit for rent – not on a post on NC 12.
Any construction company or realty company that flies the American flag 24 hours a day must have it properly up lighted during the night to comply with the US Flag Code.

In other Corolla news, Commissioners gave approval last week to an amended sketch plan for the Corolla Bay subdivision of Monteray Shores citing the need and market for multi-family housing. The amended sketch plan increased the density for Corolla Bay from 115 units to 256 units that will include detached condo units. Although a substantial increase, the plan still met the overall density and space requirements for the Planned Unit Development.

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