Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wind Turbines, Windmills, etc. Allowed in Commercial Zones

Oct. 24 - Timing is everything as they say! The Kill Devil Hills Board of Commissioners turned down Brewing Station’s request five years ago to install a wind turbine on their building after residents expressed concerns. Now with discussions taking place everywhere about renewable energy and “green” anything you can think of – the public came out in full support of an amendment to add wind turbines as a conditional use in the commercial zone. The hour-long public hearing was definitely one-sided in favor of allowing the Brewing Station to install a wind turbine. Commissioner Paul Buske applauded the Brewing Station owners for their forward-thinking and sticking with their plans. He shared some statistics with the standing-room only crowd at the Board of Commissioners meeting such as: the United States only makes up 5% of the world’s population but contributes 20% of the pollution; he added that one gallon of gas creates 20 gallons of greenhouse gas. The amendment passed 3 to 1 with Commissioner Finch opposing. Commissioner Peele did not attend the meeting.

The Board also approved amendments to the zoning ordinance on Nonconformities. The amendments will allow commercial nonconforming structures to make improvements to “better” their area of nonconformity without letting the structure fall into disrepair.

Commissioners approved a site plan for Captain George’s Restaurant which will be located on a 2.18 -acre lot located at the intersection of Baum St. and Croatan Hwy. The restaurant will be 10,098 sq. feet and seat 251 persons. Along with infiltration basins, portions of the parking area will constructed of permeable pavement to address stormwater runoff. Captain George’s Restaurant is a well-known seafood buffet eatery in Virginia Beach.

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