Friday, October 26, 2007

Proposed Coastal Stormwater Rules! IMPORTANT

DENR/DWQ is receiving public comments until October 15th on proposed amendments to Coastal Stormwater Rules that would affect all land in twenty coastal counties. You should have already received talking points and a sample letter to send to Tom Reeder of NCDWQ at and copy to Representative Tim Spear at; Representative Bill Owens at; and Senator Marc Basnight at Below is more information regarding the rules and why they should be opposed that has not been previously published:

The proposed rules will do nothing to impact current stormwater run-off condition or have any effect on closed SA waters.
UNC - Coastal Studies Institute has at least 3 major reports that refute the proposed rules and CSI does not support the proposed rules.
The rules are being considered due to the closing of shellfishing waters. There are waters along the coast that are included in closed shellfishing water reports were never classified as shellfishing waters.
The majority of shellfishing waters were closed prior to 1988 and 1995, the relevant dates regarding the current stormwater rules.
According to other studies using Total Maximum Density Loading measurements, bacteria fecal coliform comes from wildlife and other animal waste and has nothing to do with development.
The application for a stormwater permit triggers the need for a CAMA permit. If the permitting threshold is lowered from one acre of land disturbance to 10,000 square feet of land disturbance, the delay and cost relative to permit acquisition and compliance will be tremendous.

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