Monday, September 10, 2007

NAGS HEAD - Towers To Be Living Space

At their lengthy meeting last week, the Board of Commissioners failed to pass a motion to adopt a text amendment to Town Code, Habitable Floors to allow floor construction of coastal watch towers above the maximum 27 ft. height for habitable floors. The watchtower would technically become a “fourth floor” which has been opposed by Commissioners in the past. The text amendment would not have changed the outward appearance of a structure or the total height of a structure but would have allowed watchtowers to be utilized as a room rather than as an empty, light “tube”. The vote on the motion was 2 – 2 with Mayor Cahoon and Commissioner Sadler casting the NO votes. Commissioner Remaley was not present for the vote.

The Board passed a text amendment to allow for the installation of plastic, reinforced grid products for parking spaces for all uses and requested that the ordinance be re-evaluated in one year. Also approved was a text amendment prohibiting pump and haul sewage disposal systems except for temporary, emergency measures up to 30 days while an existing system is being repaired.

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