Friday, September 28, 2007

Duck's Land Disturbance, VE Flood Zone, and Building Height

The Town Council will be holding three public hearings of interest at their meeting on Wednesday:

§ Consideration of an amendment to the zoning ordinance to modify requirements for land disturbing activities. The ordinance includes fill and grading provisions to establish a level building footprint for a single-family dwelling and further defines the extent of fill and grading activities that can occur to establish finished grade, including filling lot depressions and elevating with fill material.

§ Consideration of an amendment to Article 2 of the Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance to establish a definition for free and clear of obstruction in a VE flood zone and defines the height above finished grade that a structure must be elevated to meet this requirement.

§ Consideration of a zoning ordinance amendment to modify the definition of building height. The intent is to clarify the measurement of building height relative to the above two amendment considerations.

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