Monday, September 10, 2007

DUCK - Stack Parking and Plants Not Allowed

Town Council members unanimously passed two zoning amendments at their meeting this week. The first amendment allows for stacking of required parking spaces outside of the 12-foot drive aisle; limits driveway curb cuts to 20 feet in width measured at the right-of-way; clarifies that parking and drive aisles comprise no more than 75 percent of the lot width; limits required parking spaces to gravel, porous pavers, or other similar semi-permeable materials, unless there is a topographical issue. Parking spaces have to be bordered in a manner which retains the stone in the parking area. The second amendment that was passed removes peat pod repair areas in lot coverage calculations.

Also at the meeting, Town Council requested that the Planning Board review the recently passed Vegetation Ordinance, specifically the Appendix which lists plants that can and can’t be planted. Council members felt that more flexibility should be provided and that the appendix should be used as a guideline and not be part of the ordinance. Town Attorney Ike McRee informed the Council that if they wanted to add a plant or prohibit a plant in the ordinance, they would need to hold a public hearing to do so. In a discussion with Andy Garman, the Town’s new Community Development Director, Town Council members requested that the Planning Board look into relaxing the 9-month requirement for as-built surveys.

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