Friday, September 21, 2007

Currituck Public Hearing on Service District

Sept. 18 – About 16 people spoke at a Public Hearing on the creation of a service district in the 4-wheel drive area of the Currituck Outer Banks. The majority of speakers opposed the County’s plans to survey where the roads should be and to grade and fill Sandfiddler Rd. and Sandpiper Rd. They were concerned about speeding traffic, increased development, the wild horses and the uniqueness of the area. Those speaking in favor of the measure voiced concerns about public safety and accessibility to a large number of rental homes in the area. The Sheriff’s Department was even on record as stating that the current road conditions are hazardous and delay response times. Sheriff Johnson was quoted as saying, “Failure to address this situation places pedestrians and motorists at an increased risk of injury, and severely handicaps my officers’ ability to timely respond in the case of an emergency.” The improvements to the roads would have been paid for by occupancy tax, with no financial impact to the residents of the area. Commissioner Ernie Bowden made a motion to approve the Service District, but got no second on the motion from Commissioners Etheridge, Taylor, Gregory or Chairman Nelms. The item can be brought up at a future meeting since no action was taken.

Quote of the Week: During Commissioners comments, Commissioner Janet Taylor stated that hearing from the residents of the area gave her greater insight to the service district issue. “I know something needs to be done but we need to find something that everyone can be satisfied with.” Commissioner Ernie Bowden responded, “Are you in fairytale land?”

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