Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kitty Hawk Parking Surfaces

Aug. 16 - The Planning Board met last week and learned about the many different materials that can be utilized for parking surfaces in the beach residential district. There were a couple of presenters that discussed the effectiveness, cost and installation of semi-pervious/pervious pavers/materials, from turf stone to geoweb. It was noted that not all materials were the same, with some surfaces requiring more maintenance and upkeep than others. Porous concrete, for example, is derived from a specialized concrete process, costs twice as much as regular concrete and should only be used in flat areas, since small particles can clog the surface “holes”, thus reducing its effectiveness. The surface requires cleaning and brushing after a period of time. Although the board did not take any action on the issue, they agreed to define and research further what constituted a good/correct application of the products, to decide which materials would work best in the beach residential area, to specify smaller cell “web” materials be utilized; and to define what would be used for the borders of such products. The Board will be reviewing the issue again at their September meeting. Board member Tina Tice stated that the reason for the discussion was to create equity for all citizens in the Town, since properties in other districts can currently use pea gravel, crush and run, and materials other than asphalt or concrete for parking surfaces.

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