Friday, July 27, 2007


The Currituck Commissioners will be busy on Monday with eight public hearings on their Monday evening’s agenda. Four public hearings deal with the rezoning of over 370 acres of agricultural property to residential or commercial property. They are as follows:

Ø Mill Landing; Rezone 60.5 acres for a 150-unit retirement community located along South Spot Rd., approximately 925 feet from the intersection of Caratoke Hwy.

Ø Request from Shirley Webber to rezone 226 acres to Commercial at 7160 Caratoke Hwy., near the intersection of Forbes Rd.

Ø Request from Fannie Newbern to rezone 64.4 acres to Residential on Jarvisburg Rd. near the intersection of Buster Newbern Rd. and within 1 ½ miles of the location for the new Jarvisburg Elementary School. There will also be a public hearing on rezoning 21.1 acres of the Newbern-Martin Tract to residential on the north side of Newbern Rd. adjacent to the White Acres subdivision.

In addition, public hearings will be held to consider: the sketch plan for an 18 lot commercial subdivision in the Shingle Landing area of Caratoke Hwy.; a special use permit for a privately owned airstrip in Moyock on property located at the end of Summit Farms Trails; and a zoning amendment that would allow outdoor sales and rental of equipment in the Limited Business/Hotel district.

See the Traffic in Real Time

Thinking of getting out and about but worried about the heavy traffic? Well you can now log onto the Internet and view the action of 17 Dare County cameras and 4 Currituck cameras that have been installed by NC DOT along US 158/168. Just log on to the next time you have a traffic concern. This tool will be very helpful in providing information to arriving guests about traffic conditions and even in checking the story of your employee/teenager/etc. when he/ she will be late because “traffic is bad”!

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