Friday, July 27, 2007


June 18 - Currituck County Commissioners adopted a resolution that amends a previous resolution of support for House Bill 2 - Corolla Incorporation that was adopted in December 2006. The amended resolution states many of the issues that were brought up at the June 1 public meeting on incorporation with state officials. It states that less than 10% of the approximately 4,554 lots are owned by year-round residents; that over 90% of the property owners won’t be able to vote in the referendum; that the Commissioners support the rights of resident and absentee property owners; and a majority of the Board of Commissioners does not support the petition for incorporation but recognizes the legislative process allowing it. The resolution then states that “the Currituck County Board of Commissioners desires that its position of neutrality on House Bill 2 to be known by all.” It is unsure what impact this may have on the passage of House Bill 2; it has been noted that the bill will likely pass and the referendum probably held in November.

New rules were passed for ATV use on the mainland. They cannot be used within 300 ft. of an occupied residence and must have permission from the resident’s owners to do so.

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