Friday, May 25, 2007

Duck Tree Ordinance Revised

May 2 - The Duck Town Council scheduled a new public hearing on the proposed Tree and Vegetation Preservation and Planting ordinance for their meeting on June 6th at 7 pm. A provision on clear-cutting was added to the ordinance at the Council’s mid-month meeting. The language reads:
Clear cutting: On a vacant, undeveloped parcel, removal of any tree greater than six inches in diameter at breast height is prohibited except after receiving an approved development site plan and issued building permit, an approved tree management plan and any required tree removal permit.
Due to this and other minor language changes approved by the Council, it was necessary to schedule another public hearing on the ordinance. Please contact the Duck Community Development Department prior to June 6th or attend the public hearing that evening to voice your opinion. The revised ordinance should be posted soon on the Town’s website:; or you may call the Town at 252-255-1234 for more information.

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