Friday, May 18, 2007

Canal Dredging Time Frames

News From Southern Shores Town Hall
Friday, May 18, 2007

Attention Property Owners Adjacent to the Canal

May 18, 2007

Dear Adjacent Property Owner:

The Town of Southern Shores, Dare County, NC, is making application for a CAMA Major permit to dredge approximately seven (7) miles of Town owned canals. You are either an adjacent property owner (canal front) or have property located nearby a canal or waterway. The project is planned for completion in two (2) years.

CAMA rules require either proof of notification to riparian property owners or signed statements of no objection to satisfy due process requirements. Because there are approximately 466 canal front property owners, we are emailing this letter for signature, via Broadcast news, to reduce the costs associated with notification. The Town website,, will contain further information on the dredging project as well, including a copy of the permit application, Adjacent Property Owner Notification of a Major CAMA Permit Application and the Adjacent Riparian Property Owner Statement for CAMA Major Permit. Please print this email, sign the Adjacent Riparian Property Owner Statement, and mail to Town of Southern Shores, 5375 N. Virginia Dare Trail, Southern Shores, NC 27949. The Town needs your response by June 15, 2007 to facilitate a timely application.


I hereby certify that I own property adjacent to Canals and Waterway, in Southern Shores, Dare County, NC 27949.

The Town has described to me as shown in the documents available on the Town Website the development proposed and I have no objection to the Town’s proposal.

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